WORKOUTS 30 Unique Workouts
PART Full Body
DIFFICULTY Intermediate


  • A special full body transformation program for those who want to train at home without any equipment and still get the maximum benefits out of their training. 
  • A 30 day program designed by me in which you will receive a workout for each day of the week and will only take you 30mins to complete from start to finish
  • Each day we will work the full body in different permutations and combinations so that no workout feels repeated.
  • All you will need is a timer to keep track of the time as all the workouts are interval based
  • Do the workouts to the best of your fitness ability! 
  • I promise you that you that at the end of the SHIVXT30 you will be stronger, leaner and way more fitter than when you started 

No to minimal equipment
Do it anywhere
Full body
Variable intensity
All you will need is a timer


Warm up for your workout: 

  • choose a warm up for upperbody, lowerbody and fullbody as you feel suitable or do the ones mentioned in your daily program
  • You can also do a couple of basic foam rolling and mobility drills before you start your session depending on how sore or stiff your body feels 
  • Before you start the main session of you feel the need to do a few more squats, push ups, skipping please feel free to do so how ever i recommend that you don’t over work in the warm and spend a lot of energy there

Movement and range of motion:

  • All reps must be done at a slow pace with controlled breathing and movement. 
  • Try to focus on the muscles being used and not think about anything else. 
  • Take the weight through a complete range of motion and no half or cheat reps unless its been mentioned in the program


I'm a certified personal trainer. I'm a cyclist, runner and swimmer and being a avid cyclist i won many prizes. I'm a super randonneur. Super randonneur is a cyclist who competed a series of cycling 200,300,400 and 600 km in given time and in single calendar year and got this title from France. Thanks a ton 😊

Aasha (Jaipur)

I would like to thank you for the fantastic sessions. I have definitely improved my level of fitness. I hardly weigh myself but I can feel the change. Learnt new techniques, improved form and learnt new exercises. Shiv’s sessions are like a blessing in this lockdown.



SHIV – XT30 (30 Days)

 In this one month you will experience something very new and definitely see an increase in strength, stamina, flexibility and overall fitness and depending in where you are physically when you started this one month you will also start seeing your body transform. 

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Shivoham is the owner n founder of India’s first crossfit box. Also the co-founder of Shivfit. He has been in the fitness industry for more than a decade n has trained some of india’s top bollywood celebrities, coaches and athletes.

It usually takes 2-3 weeks to get used to any program specially exercises and the methods. Within the first month you start seeing an increase in strength, stamina, endurance and fitness levels and post 3-4 weeks is where you start seeing physical noticeable changes. Thats how the body works. For it to be able to build muscle first it needs to build a good neural pathway which allows you to move efficiently and build strength. Once your strength increases that when you can lift heavier and grow muscle n burn fat.

Duration can range anywhere between 30-60mins all depending on your goals and may be for some people 2 sessions a day as well where the second session could be a simple low intensity walk or jog

We will give you access to a private fb group where you could ask your questions. Please allow 24hours for me to reply.

24 hours at the most

For certain programs like the muscle building you will need a few extra equipments like dbs n kettlebells but for the others not at all. Also initially the workouts will be more free weights and no machines. Once the lock down is over minimal machines will be added to the workouts.

You need to ask yourself the question what is it about the program that you don't enjoy. May be you didn't understand it clearly or may be it is not what you are used to. Sometimes it takes a couple of sessions to get out of your comfort zone and start a new program. Even after 4 weeks if you still not happy then you are always welcome to change the program or decide to leave. Either way we will always try to make you more comfortable and help you achieve your goals.