MANIFESTATION WORKSHOP With Celebrity Mind Coach Vrindda

MANIFESTATION WORKSHOP With Celebrity Mind Coach Vrindda

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Time to Turn Your Dreams Into a Reality!

Your mind is the most powerful faculty that is shaping every aspect of your life. In this workshop, you will learn to unlock the limitless power of your mind and apply the true potential of your thought (Vichaarshakti), word (Vaak shakti), action (Kriya shakti), and (video) become a conscious co-creator of your destiny.

Get ready to upgrade your life with the power of your thoughts and emotions and truly be happy. Start your journey of manifestation now!

20th November 2021
COST ₹5,000.00

What Will You Learn in This Workshop With Coach Vrindda?

SESSION 01 (10:30 AM -1:30 PM)

What Is Manifestation
How to Practice Manifestation/ Creative Visualisation Effectively
Proper Breathing Techniques to Help You Concentrate & Visualize Better
How to Reduce Fear and Anxiety in Daily Life and Learn Ways to Let It All Go
How to Create Your Own Happiness and Peace in the Moment

SESSION 02 (2:30 PM - 4:30 PM)

Science of Gratitude and Positive Thinking
How to Practice It on Daily Basis
How to Reduce the Feeling of Excessive Stress, Fear, Self-Doubt & Increase Self-Belief
Question & Answer Session


  • A Fresh Notebook/Diary
  • Red Pen
  • Yoga Mat for Sitting on the Floor or a Chair

FOR ONLY 5000/- 

STARTS – November 20th, 2021
about the coach

Vrindda is a celebrity mental fitness coach who believes that by applying the powerful science of manifestation we can bring Abundance, Joy, and Harmony to every aspect of our life. She is a mental fitness and manifestation coach to Jacqueline Fernandez, Sophie Choudry, Arjun Kapoor, and a score of other noted personalities. She has been a personal wellness coach for Bollywood stars like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Mrs. Jaya Bachchan, Karan Johar, Kajol, Madhuri Dixit, Lt. Sridevi, Abhishek Bachchan, Farah Khan, Tina Ambani, Tabu, Dimple Kapadia, and Twinkle Khanna. She was the mental fitness expert for the pageant Mrs.India World 2019 as well.


“Imagination, belief, and feeling- that all it takes. This profound technique is the key to everything I approach in life. I now live in the desired state, a state unaffected by my surroundings, and one by one or sometimes all together, these desires become fact. It works on all levels- physical, mental, or material. t’s like MAGIC! Thank you, Vrindda for teaching me this powerful technique so early in life!”

Dhruv Kapoor (Designer)

“I firmly believe that we need 2 major blessings for our life to be meaningful, purposeful, joyful, peaceful, and abundant. The first blessing is that of our spiritual guide, our life coach - who awakens and guides us through this journey. Second is our own blessing on us- which empowers us and makes us confident. Vrindda steps in here. I am so so grateful that she guided me to achieve the power of visualization and Manifestation and bless my own self too. It turned my life around magically. In the manifestation workshop I experienced that all the barriers we have in our life are our own manifestation- so how about manifesting what I want and who I want to be. With Vrindda’s guidance, I am a successful businesswoman today from a simple housewife. If I look back 8 years - This is a huge transformation. Thank you, Vrindda for teaching us the technique to fish rather than just giving the fish. Forever grateful.”

Jyoti Kapoor

“I have been blessed to have done the manifestation workshop with Vrindda, a few years ago & it has been totally transformational. Vrindda exudes positivity & absolutely inspires you to believe that all that you desire in life, can be manifested. Understanding the unique art & science of how manifestation works, really motivated me to start using it in my life. Applying the technique on a daily basis had truly magical effects in my life! Everything that I had ever dreamt of slowly started appearing in my life right from having perfect health, career, money, and especially my personal relationships! Over the years I have done several revision workshops as well and they constantly serve as a reminder and a guide on my life’s journey! Truly grateful to have found this gift of the universe :)”


 “I did the manifestation workshop with Vrindda in January 2019. By practicing the technique regularly I’ve manifested the perfect relationship, my career, my personal peace, and happiness. During the workshop, I remember clearly when Vrindda asked me about what is it that I want in life and I said “happiness and peace”. And I am truly living a happy & peaceful life in all that I do. In the beginning, I religiously practiced it for 21 days without a break and that helped me build a habit out of it. I’m so happy & grateful that I joined the session and learned how to transform my life!”

Abhimanyu Dahiya

“Manifestation is an ART and I was introduced to the concept by the one and Only Vrindda Mehta, now Bhatt:) At 20 years of age, I was practicing the art of getting whatever you can dream of how beautiful is that! I noted the qualities I wanted in my man- I am now married to a man with the exact same qualities. I felt in my bones and radiated financial abundance- I have never witnessed otherwise. I noted how many kids I want and my desired weight thereafter- I have it after 12 years. This testimonial is a gentle reminder for me also, imagine what all I can achieve. That’s all I have to do. Visualize, Manifest, work passionately, and let go. Truly divine. Thankful and forever grateful to Vrindda for teaching me this beautiful practice”

Ruchi Bhatia

“There are a few secrets we like to keep within and then there are gurus who teach you to share and discover secrets amongst each other off each other’s existence. People disguised - like you and me. I am blessed for Shivoham and Vrindda and her MIND PROGRAM - her brainchild and a portal to go and use your mind to create and manifest your life as you wish it to be. I know a lot of people think this is bookish jargon and yeah I heard that in some talk. But as I said, the choice was mine. I used them. They allowed. I overcame. I am a secretive man. So this might be the first time I have put something out there about me overcoming my boulders my hardships, my goals, my dreams, and it’s not over yet. It isn’t going to be. But I see people out there fighting every day for bread for fame for a good life. We deserve it. Why not. It’s that leap of faith. That one day you walk out of your house and for once you don’t beat yourself to strive but caress yourself to move ahead. And now they are in my neighbourhood so, hehe, full advantage.”

Ali Fazal (Actor)