21 day #getfit Shiv-XT fitness challenge

21 day #getfit Shiv-XT fitness challenge

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Are you ready to transform yourself in just 21 days?

Compete with your own self and become a fitter, better version of yourself!
The best part- you will have Shivoham guiding you every step of the way for 3 whole weeks.

When - Starts 3rd August 2020
What will Shivoham provide - live fitness coaching, workouts, and basic diet guidelines.
What will you get - a new and transformed you.

This challenge will help you

Burn fat and lose weight
Get lean and toned
Gain muscle and strength
Improve functional mobility
Most importantly – Help make fitness your lifestyle!

The two previous challenges were designed to get you started and keep you going with your fitness goals. They were conceptualised to help you understand what is possible and what's not, and also, to help you stay regular with your workouts for 21 days and inculcate a habit - a habit for a healthy life with sustainable workouts that are designed keeping in mind your needs.

Now that we have accomplished that, it's time to make this part of an ongoing lifestyle. As your personal fitness coach, I take great pride in continuing your fitness journey with you.

This challenge is a well-planned program which will definitely get you stronger and fitter and at the same time make you realise that fitness is, and should be fun and not just a daily chore that we need to get done with every day.

If you haven't participated in my previous challenges, don't worry – this is your chance to get started on your transformation. I will be providing modifications and guidance for all fitness levels.

Wondering how

With 1 hour LIVE workouts with Shivoham 6 days a week at 7:00 pm

  1. Mix of freehand functional movements and strength training isolation movements
  2. Monday-Wednesday-Friday à Freehand and Weighted Functional Movements with Cardio & Core
  3. Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday à Isolation & Strength Training with Core Workouts
  4. Equipment Needed: Dumbbells and/or Kettlebells & Resistance Bands

For ONLY 1599/- 

  • 21 Days Workout Program to cater to all your specific needs
  • Mix of freehand functional movements and strength training isolation movements
  • LIVE do-it-along workouts with Shivoham (rep by rep) at 7:00 pm
  • Constant touch via the private Instagram group
  • Get all your questions regarding training and diet answered by Shivoham
  • Diet guidelines & tips will be shared regularly throughout the challenge
  • A live discussion every Sunday on exercise, nutrition and mind
  • Access to a do-it-along stretching and mobility playlist
  • Access to a fully-loaded exercise demos library

Starts – October 12th, 2020
LIVE Workouts once a day at 7:00 pm 6 days each week for 3 weeks!

* In case of any change in timing, we will post a story and let you know 24 hours prior.
* No customised diet plan will be given. Diet guidelines and tips will be shared regularly.
* Provide the correct email address so we can send you regular emails.
* Please send a request to join the private group with the correct Instagram handle once you have registered.