About Shivoham

He began his journey as the owner and founder of India’s first CrossFit box in 2009, grew to train some of India’s biggest celebrities, coaches, athletes and thousands of fitness enthusiasts! He has now finally moved his presence to the online platform with the purpose of training and educating many more professionals and fitness enthusiasts around the world.

Transformation facts

  • You will definitely see strength gains and improved levels of fitness in the first month
  • The 1st month is more to understand the program and get your head around the movements
  • Ideally to see any kind of transformation in the body, 12weeks (3months) is the minimum time required
  • Be dedicated and disciplined and you will see your body transform 

How to move from one program to the next ?

  • Fat loss: once you have got your results move on to a muscle gain program (not like fat loss n toning wont happen together but focus on one thing at a time) depending on your goal, follow the program and up the intensity month to month
  • Muscle gain: once you have reached your goal, move on to a maintenance  plan which will help you keep your fat% down n keep getting you leaner
  • Fitness: this is a never ending goal ( you will only get fitter each n every day) combine muscle gain in between to keep shocking the body
  • For the woman’s special workout: this is a program you can go on for as long as you like and keep getting stronger and fitter with every passing month
  • So after you achieve one goal, your journey doesn't end there. Fitness is a lifestyle and you do need someone to help
  • You, guide you down the right path to a more positive, healthy and a fuller life